snapshots II


When all else fails, camera phone to the rescue!
Here's a little glimpse into my last week or two through my phone camera.

I think my cousin's glasses are awesome! So jealous of them. I wanted a picture with them because I felt like a hipster along with my precious dog Zoey. She lives in Raleigh with my cousin and Dad's girlfriend since I can't have her in college :(

Peanut Butter frozen yogurt with Heath Bar = YUM!
My friend Lena and I explored downtown Raleigh last weekend. Raleigh is where I grew up, but you definitely see it differently after you move away for college. I've definitely seen a new side of Raleigh I haven't before and downtown is continually prospering. We went to FRESH @5Points and ordered yummy frozen yogurt!

Some friends and I had some beer and appetizers at Mellow Mushroom and joined their beer club! My friend Kaleigh's beer made a tree :] How cool is that?

This is the successful butternut squash lasagna my friend Melissa and I cooked for our friends last Thursday. Here's the post with the other photos :]

Meet Zoey. My first love.
She is half beagle and half jack russell. She is sassy, lovable, gives the best hugs and has an attitude problem, but we love her :] Wish I could've taken her to college with me :(

Meet Pac Man! Boxer. Named after the Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao, whose nickname in the ring is Pac Man. He is the newest edition to the Vega family and an absolute sweetheart. I'll probably share more pictures of these lovable creatures soon.

Other than that, I've been in recovery after my wisdom teeth surgery and let's just say, it's going....alright. It definitely hasn't been the best experience but hopefully I'll feel like myself again! Drugs are no fun. I have made A LOT of progress watching Friday Night Lights! Finally on Season 2. I may be too embarrassed to say how many episodes I've seen so far....okay...I'll let you know. I started on episode 13 and now I'm on episode 57 (ah!) I know. Productive right? :)

Here's to feeling like myself again soon!