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Autumn is my absolute favorite season. Living in the mountains is absolutely beautiful seeing the leaves change, however, this season is short-lived here. [Thanks winter] I wish I could say that my October has been filled with pumpkin carving, pumpkin-flavored everything, fall festivals and watching scary films, but due to college I can barely squeeze in time for breathing! (Kind of, but not really)

SO for this link-up party I wanted to share with you a little recap of my past Halloween costumes, because admit it, it's fun to dress up as someone completely different :] I am not one of those college students to ....you know, "dress up" as a you-know-what, instead I wear costumes that a 5-year-old probably wore too. Isn't that the best part though?


For a nice little Halloween treat, one of my favorite singer/songwriters has her song "Zombie" as a free download on her site in spirit of Halloween. Check it out!
& thank you to those who commented on my last post. Just keep the Funtila and Larsen family in your prayers.

Another lovely treat? A Dose of Lovely is hosting a MITTENS giveaway. Click to check it out.