a little restaurant called Our Daily Bread

I love my college town.
Living in Boone seems to get better by the day.
(this disregards the Winter days because I promise, in a few weeks I may not like Boone's weather so much...haha)

We have the cutest local restaurants, shops, record stores, bead shops, thrift stores + mountains to surround it all! Last Friday, I met up with my Her Campus AppState writers (who I absolutely adore) and we had a little writers meeting + excursion to local restaurant, Our Daily Bread. Their menu is FILLED with yummy sandwiches, soups, salads, vegetarian/vegan options and it will take you hours to decide what to order because everything and I mean everything sounds good. They strive to serve local and organic foods, which is always a plus, and the restaurant is absolutely beautiful with the brick walls, local art and exposed vintage ceiling tiles.

This is what I ordered:

Can you say yummy?

In other news, I have quite the full plate filled with classes, joining the Communication Honor Society Lambda Pi Eta, writing for www.mycollegeroadtrip.com, writing for HC AppState, working as a wine representative for Tar Heel Winery, picking shifts at Primo's and keeping up with the blogging world! However, I am blessed for the opportunities that have come my way and I am seizing all of them. That is not even half the things I have to manage but I am determined to be able to do it all! Sleep? No one remembers sleeping anyway ;)

Have a blessed week fellow readers!

PS. Just bought the Beirut album "The Rip Tide" on vinyl with my $5 coupon whoop! It's amazing. Absolutely amazing.
Also, one of my fav. bloggers + fellow button swapper, Dot In The City, is hosting an awesome giveaway! Check it out!