Joy Funtila Larsen

The world misses you Tita Joy,
but you are forever in our hearts.

I have been meaning to write this post for weeks, but it just didn't seem real + I couldn't find the right words. I still can't because there are none. 
That October day, one of the most kind hearted people I have ever known left our world for another. She left us a beautiful baby girl named Caitlin Marie Joy Larsen, but she will forever stay in our hearts and in our memories. Here's a little message I would like to leave for her:

Dear Tita Joy,
 In life there is struggle, deceit, darkness and then there are people like you.

Just yesterday I could picture my adolescent self running around chasing boys while you and the other Filipina instructors tried to calm us down enough to teach us choreography for a dance. I remember always loving when you taught us. You were always so kind and so patient and you really did dance beautifully. At a young age I knew how kind hearted of a person you were. Everyone knew. Every hug you gave me was filled with warmth and care and even if it was never said, I knew you loved each and everyone of us. I never had a chance to tell you how much I looked up to you as a little girl, I still do. I remember your patience, your modesty, your smile and your big heart. Thank you for being there while I was growing up. I know we haven't been in each others lives in the last few years or so, but you will forever remain in my heart and your family in my prayers.

I know they are struggling without you. Every person and life you touched is struggling.

I pray for your beautiful family. I pray for every person whose lives you've ever touched. I pray for Cade, Ian, Caitlin and pray they have as much strength as you did. I pray for Tito Carl who will continue the beautiful life you both created. It was difficult seeing them lose someone so loving and strong, but I know you're looking down and watching over them. I know you will do your best to protect them from any more of life's harm. Caitlin will grow up around one strong family and will be a great of a woman as you were. Don't worry, she is in great hands.

You touched lives through your kindness, your dance and your heart. You made a difference in this world and let it shine just a little bit brighter. Everyone truly misses you. 

In life there is beauty, struggle, happiness, darkness and then there is lost.
See you someday.

Infinite love,