Hey everyone!
Things were pretty hectic and stressful these past few days filled with:
+ the GRE, but I think I did alright!
+ exams, papers, presentations, oh my!
+ picking up serving shifts at Primo's
....and things with school are just going to get crazier! Last year of college, whoo! (Well, undergrad)

I've decided to do the A-Z thing so you readers can get to know me a little better :]

Here are some snapshots of the yummy food I've had this past week.
I am a huge fan of taking pictures of my food. I think that may be my dream job .... FOOD PHOTOGRAPHER. What do you think? I would only take the job if I could eat the food afterwards... haha
From left to right:
[1] Spinach and garlic foccacia bread from Stick Boy Bread Company (local bakery)
[2] Oatmeal chocolate chip cookie from Stick Boy (but I got peanut butter choc. chip!)
[3] Wildberry scone from Panera Bread
[4] Caesar salad from Panera Bread

I am SUPER excited to do my guest post for Danielle tomorrow over at Tongue Tied in Awe!
Check back tomorrow for the link :] :]

ALSO! My friend Megan has a blog named ASULike It, which showcases the outfits she finds around our little town of Boone and today she featured me on it! You should check out her blog :) I feel so honored to be on it haha