To get rid of the "middle-of-the-week blues," I decided to wear one of my favorite yellow dresses that was given to me from one of my best friends and fellow blogger, Renée. I can't believe I don't wear this dress enough! Love the color, the embroidery and the fact that Renée knows my taste.

Today Hannah & I also went to Goodwill today to look for some props for Part II of the engagement/save the date photos! Naturally, I found something other than what we went in looking for. I'm a sucker for a good find! I would say 50 percent of my closet is thrifted, but somehow I'm okay with that. Thrifting is the way to go :]

Thank you Hannah for taking some of the photos!

the details of the outfit
dress: gift
cardigan: Forever 21
earrings: Dollar Tree [not kidding!]
purse: Thrifted Dooney & Bourke vintage {$4!}

Here was the "find" of the day!
Introducing my new, {$3!} picnic basket! It even comes with a strap :] Thank you Hannah for modeling for me. What a sport :]

Here's to Wednesdays and probably good-bye to the warmer weather :[, but hell-o Fall!