This has been my week in snapshots.
Last weekend I got a new phone (because I dropped my Blackberry in the ocean...), but luckily we got a good deal on a phone called the Google Nexus 4G Droid and I'm in love with it! It's like the Sprint version of an iPhone, so instead of having Instagram (which I know a lot of you lucky bloggers have), I have a similar app called My Tubo. If some of you all follow my Twitter, you may find these snapshots familiar, but here's a little bit more detail of my week :]

Pins! Pins! Galore.
Since I was 15, I started collecting pins and putting them on the inside roof of my car. Throughout the years, I have had generous friends giving me pins, finding them at Goodwill and of course the occasional purchase. I usually don't go searching for them, they usually find me :] It makes my car seem really young and funky, so I'll keep them for now. Who says I have to grow up completely.

Fall is approaching! And I couldn't be more excited. This photo was taken while I was walking to class last week. It's time for boots, scarves, my mustard yellow jacket, uggs and fuzzy socks.

As mentioned in the last post, my roommate and I got the opportunity to finally do some crafts! Due to weather, we haven't been able to implement the crafts we've made for their save the date pictures, but hopefully we'll be able to do it soon! I miss crafts. I made a promise to myself I would do more crafts this year. There was even talk of maybe participating in the local Boone Handmade Market? First we need items to maybe we'll just shop again like last year...haha.

fourRIP beansTalk :[
This was one of my favorite local coffee shops that closed down this past summer. Lots of memories since Freshmen year. Maybe another coffee shop will open up soon, but for now passing that building is a little sad :[ Here's a link an old post where we visited beansTalk for the last time.

This weekend I have been to Panera Bead twice! They have the best deal on coffee. If you dine-in and order coffee with a mug, you get free refills, so if you're like me studying for the GRE for hours at a time, those free refills start to sound really good. Today I got the Potato Soup in a bread bowl. Ah-ma-zing soup, probably one of my favorites from Panera. Yum yum yum. Panera Bread can never do wrong.

[And if some of you were wondering about all the sudden design changes, it's because my wonderful Dad got me the Adobe Creative Suite 5 for my birthday a couple weeks ago! Yay! So I've been obsessed with designing things and getting more practice. Let me know what you think! I have been getting some graphics from Polyvore, too]

How was your weekend? What was your favorite part?