One week ago, I turned twenty-one.
It was weekend full of laughs, good company, old friends, new friends and just a whole lotta love.
I feel extremely blessed to be surrounded by the friends and family I have in my life. Although a few of my favorite faces were not there to celebrate with me, it has been one of the best birthdays so far. A few friends and I also took a trip down to Atlanta because who doesn't love a road trip? :]

 Atlanta is a city that has an interesting reputation, but I vouch that it is one of my new favorite cities! It's just bursting with culture, art, new adventures and some of the best people. My two and a half days in Atlanta included:

Ikea, new friends, yummy burgers, laughing spells, huge burritos, Louis CK, good company and a craving for more Atlanta. Hopefully I'll be able to explore more of Atlanta soon enough!

This weekend I am in Wilmington, N.C. enjoying some coastal weather and wedding planning for one of my best friends, Hannah. This is the third city we've been to this week. On Tuesday we spent one night in Chapel Hill to celebrate one of my best friend's 21st birthday.

So far in Wilmington, there's been:
+ shoe hunting
+ port city java
+ half-off purchase of a new dress
+ engagement photos on the beach
+ blackberry drowning in the Atlantic Ocean
+ pizza | wings | wine
+ reading of Hannah's seven-years-old "di-ray" (diary)

I will try not to take so long to upload pictures next time.
Can you tell I've lately been obsessed with hats?

Anyway, hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!