I loved Fridays before Rebecca Black

Aisle to AlohaIt's the second official week of | it's the little things | post hosted by From the Aisle to Aloha. I really look forward to these posts now! All week I think, "Hm. I should save this for 'it's the little things'." Haha. Kudos to Lindsay for creating such a wonderful idea.

So, here we go!

+ It's boot season!
Ah, the smell of Autumn means boots and warm colors and tights and falling leaves and and and and and scarves and jackets! Should I keep going? Especially with the horrible grammar? One of little but exciting things this week was being able to wear boots. Now I'm craving to buy some new ones...uh oh.

These two pair of boots are probably my staples. I'm willing to expand though ;) I was wearing some wedges with this outfit, but as you can probably notice outside, it was not weather appropriate. My sleeves look kind of awkward rolled up, but you get the picture ;)


+ 1st pair of boots: TJ Maxx
+ 2nd pair of boots: Rack Room Shoes
+ Shorts: American Eagle
+ Long sleeve shirt: Old Navy (sleepwear. hehe)

+ Grinding coffee

A little bit ago I received free coffee from Caribou Coffee (yay for connections!), but the coffee were still beans. I was brainstorming ways of creeping into various grocery stores to use their grinder until one of my good friends here in Boone let me use her coffee grinder! As mundane as a task it seems, I actually had a lot of fun!

Here's my little experience -

And viola! Fresh grounded coffee.

+ 7 Things & an "Tell me about yourself Award"
This week, I have been extremely honored with everything in the blog world. I seriously have met some very sweet and welcoming ladies. From receiving the "I dig your blog Award" from Gentri at her blog, Gentri Lee to joining The Small World Project from The Art of Being Cool blog.

Now I will be participating in the Package Pals 2011 created by Gentri and Katie from Chestnut Mocha awarded me with the "Tell me about yourself Award." What a sweetheart! Thank you so much. I'm a very happy blogger. All this on top of the wonderful new followers I have and lovely comments. So thank you to everyone who has been so sweet and kind!

Here are the rules for the newest award!

1. Say "thank you" with a linking post
2. Write 7 things about yourself
3. Give the award to 15 other blogs
4. Inform them about it!

My 7 things
1. I am Filipino and I absolutely love going to the Philippines.

2. I take my photos with a Nikon D60.
3. I have some knowledge with playing the guitar, ukulele and piano.
4. I can make some of the best made-from-scratch cream cheese frosting...ever.
5. My favorite color changes on the daily.
6. I think I might give up potatoes for lent? (Ahhhhh!)
7. I love to paint, but I haven't painted in months :( Sadly.

Here's are the 15 blogs and I would love to pass this award to!
I would love to learn more about you all!

1. Gentri from Gentri Lee
2. Chui Ying from elephantisl♥ve
3. Ashley from The Feisty Redhead
4. Bree from The Art of Being Cool
5. Autumn from Stay Gold, Autumn
6. Katia from Kitty Snooks
7. Chloe from me, myself, and jeff
8. Amber from The Owl's Den
9. Ashley from City Lights
10. Charming Eleplant
11. Sophie from cupcakes and notes
12. Kate from Kate's Irrevelant
13. Lauren from Logicandlemondrops
14. Renee from Ren Am
15. Mike from The Adventures of WonderboyAhoy

The last two are two of my really good friends, but I still want to get to know you both better :]
Make sure you let me know when you do your post! I would love to read it.

PS - The title of this blog was something I tweeted a month or so ago. Haha. I'm sure I'm not the only one who came up with this, but I thought it was a little clever.

EDIT 12:14 pm
I just wanted to thank Angela from Simply Simple Me for tagging me in the "Tell me about yourself Award." I am absolutely smitten! I have the best blogger friends. So thank you Angela for just being the absolute sweetest!