I have an obsession, and it's called Mumford & Sons.
I will probably write an obsessed series post on them in the near future.
Today I wanted to share a video series they have on YouTube called "Acoustic Bookshop Sessions" where they played an acoustic set at a bookshop in London called Treadwell's. Although their studio recordings are as epic as epic can get, acoustically you can really feel the raw talent they all possess.

I actually saw them in concert this past June in Asheville. Hands down, the best live show I have ever been to and I did not anticipate the headache I got trying to get my hands on their tickets! I thought Mumford & Sons was my little secret a while ago, but I can't help but be overwhelmed with happiness with their current success.

Enjoy the wonderful acoustic songs of Mumford & Sons. I assure you, you will hear more about them in future posts :]

So happy Monday everyone! Here's some music to start your week off right.