This is my first | it's the little things | post hosted by Lindsey over at From Aisle to Aloha. She is one of my favorite bloggers so I decided to jump on the wagon and share the little things that have made my week :]
+ List making
First off, in order for me to somewhat function throughout the day, I make lists. It gives me goals and then I always feel a sense of accomplishment once I cross them off. Lists keep me focused and organized, so if anyone is feeling overwhelmed...make a list! It can look impossible in the beginning, but once you cross those to-do's off, it's a wholllllle other feeling.

+ Craft nightOne thing that I never have enough in my week are arts and crafts, so to prepare for my roommate's part II of her engagement pictures I'm taking, we made some props for the event! We're planning on shooting them next week, but here's a little sneak peak ;)


+Welcoming the Fall with open arms
Here in Boone, Fall starts a little early and ends even earlier, so it's always best to take FULL advantage of the scarf, cardigan and tights wearing weather before it gets to the 5 inch coats and obnoxious boots kind of weather. I finally get to wear my favorite ankle boots that were a hand-me-down!

and a little bow to top it off.

outfit details
top: traded with roommate, originally Forever 21
shorts: Philippines ($10!)
bow: Philippines ($2!)
shoes: hand-me-down from Dad's girlfriend

Other exciting things this week:
+ First Her Campus meeting! [I got a position as a Staff Writer. We're an online magazine for woman on our campus! First issues comes out in 11 days.]
+ Re-activated my Netflix account! My travel channel shows are now on there (Yes!)
+ Revamped the blog! New banner, About section and links on the side. Gave it a nice little makeover :)
What were the little things that made your week?

Aisle to Aloha

Happy Friday!
Enjoy the weekend.