Thank yous on Thursday -

Appreciation goes a long way,
especially when you show your appreciation.

I always find it important to give thanks, so today I spent some time writing each employee at my internship that I had an opportunity to work with a thank you card, no matter how much or how little I worked with them. It truly has been a great experience and glad they saw some potential in me. No words can show the gratitude I have towards my internship supervisor for giving me the chance to work at her office.

I am such a sucker for cute thank you cards, stationary, etc.
So I wanted to share the ones I wrote in today -

The cutest thank you cards I've purchased to date. I wrote in 11 of these today :]

Speaking of thank yous, here are some things I can be thankful for today.

Thank you Netflix for having a grand selection of tv series on instant.
Thank you roommates for your patience as I attempt to play guitar (again).
Thank you God for every person in my life and for the little gifts you give every day.
Thank you Seth Cohen for being on The O.C.
Thank you Boone for your beautifully hot, but bearable summers.
Thank you Brita pitcher for saving plastic and for good water. You rock.

Thank you to any one who has said thank you today.

Have you said thank you today?