Quickie from the traveler

(c) Melissa Vega
Taken in 2009 Detroit Airport to my connecting flight to the Philippines.
Greetings from the Philippines!

Just wanted to send some love from across the world and give you all a few updates so that you feel like I haven't completely fallen off the face of the Earth!

So far I got to spend some time in the little town of Concord, NH and then past several days in Manila. Filled up my days with quality family time, good-plate-licking authentic Filipino food, shopping (of course), TRAFFIC, pollution and pictures. Silly me forgot my camera cord, so all the photos from my trip will have to be postponed 'til I get back! Then I will flood your eyes with visual aid of my vacation.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer thus far.
It'll be the first week of school the day I get back (time is FLY-ing!)
I will be in route to Tacloban and Bato, Leyte. Small provinces of the Philippines. We'll be taking an early one-hour flight to the islands. It's the province, therefore, my time on the internet is much more limited than it already has been, but I'm hoping to have some peace and quiet to actually study for the GRE and re-lax a little :] Manila gets a little hectic and crowded. Also, my Dad is donating twenty-some laptops to elementary schools in the province (reason for our trip) in honor of my grandmother. So, we'll be busy with that and of course the annual Lunang Festival!

As for the blog -
I am currently in the process of some "reconstruction" so please don't mind some unfinished projects on the layout, etc. I am in the process of working on -
> buttons
> sharing links with other bloggers
> traveling section of the blog
> minor reconstructive designs
Oh, and I changed the name to simply, melissa ashley.. What do you think?

See you all later and safe travels to all