My few days in Concord, New Hampshire

 All photos (c) Melissa Vega

Before venturing off to the Philippines this summer, I spent a few days in Concord, New Hampshire, the small capital where my Dad lives and works. While he was in the office, I got to explore New Hampshire by myself and loved every minute. I spent the majority of my time exploring its little downtown.

Photos -
[1] Sailing through the sky
[2] My organic meal at Celery Stick, an all natural cafe located in the Concord Market and Kearsarge Cooperative Grocer. My dad usually walks here during his lunch break every so often and I experienced why. The food is amazing! They call it the "Hot Bar" and they have different menu items made from scratch each day. Definitely recommend. My portion even cost under $5.
Pictured above: Red curry swordfish with rice, stuffed greens and butternut squash.
[3-4] At a coffee shop downtown called Caffenio where they served me delicious iced coffee with a generous refill. I used this time to do some work, even if I was on vacation.
[5-9] Photos of downtown Concord - local record store, abandoned theatre, local bookstore and various buildings.
[10-11] I spent some time in the Concord Antique Gallery, a block from the main street downtown. It's an antique store, need I say more? :)

Other adventures include:
- watching "Crazy Stupid Love" during matinee in theatres. It was a first movie I went to alone and I loved every moment. It's a different experience when you take yourself on a date!
- Also ate a yummy local restaurant called Cornerview and at a YUMM-Y local bakery called Bread and Chocolate (located downtown). I have some photos from last year that I took. This year, I actually tried their pastries. The bakery is even linked to the local bookstore...books and then pastries. A wonderful combination.

I love little towns.
I loved this little town.

What are some of your favorite little towns?