Flashback Friday 005

I am officially back from the Philippines!
I got about three days ago and have been thrown back into the realities of my life, including all the responsibilities I got to leave behind for a couple of weeks. Posts about my trip to the Philippines will come shortly!

For Flashback Friday, I wanted to share some photos back in the day of my mother.
It's cliche, but I truly cannot imagine the type of person I would be without her. Her birthday is tomorrow and I wanted to show the world (well at least the readers of this post) how amazing of a mother I have and how I hope to one day be as loving as caring of a mother as she is. Also, I would like her shoe and ring collection :]

My mother knows me inside and out even when I don't let her in, she knows my every thought. She continually looks out for me and lets me know how proud she is and how much she loves me. I always know she is looking out for me. She cooks me food to bring back to my house in Boone, gives me shoes she doesn't want anymore (that I do!), hangs my paintings in her apartment, and showers me with love. I haven't met a woman more hard working, appreciative or with a great personality.

Thank you Mom for being there.
For always being there.

(you can click the photos to enlarge)

My mother and I a handful of Christmases ago :]
Family portrait circa 1992
My mom and my cousin Kayla.

My mother while she was pregnant with my young sister in Guam
me, my mom and dad back in the day while I'm cheesin' away
my mom <3


Love you.