Preview of my Quote Book

      A few years ago, some of my good friends bought me that "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself" book pictured to the left. Ever since they bought me it, I have created it into my official "quote book." A little place to find some inspiration or to inspire others. I have been currently working on it every now and then updating it with quotes, poems or any other such nonsense that I found appropriate.
         On my bucket list, one of my goals is to finish my first quote book. Who knows, I'll hopefully continue to make them, but let me finish one first :) Anyway, I'm about 75% done. This has been one of my favorite ongoing projects. I like some pages more than others, and some I just want to rip out forever! But that's the fun of it all I guess. To the right is a little preview of my quote book. Every now and then I'll post more pages and quotes. This isn't one of my favorite pages, but for some reason I scanned it on computer a couple years ago and I'm too lazy to scan another you all get this page. If no one caught the reference, it's from "Perks of Being a Wallflower." On the right page, it got cut off but it was the beginning of one my favorite Andy Warhol quotes, "I think everybody should like everybody." I'll be sure to continually scan some more quotes from the book that I think all of you should enjoy.
        In other parts of my life, I have of course stayed pretty busy. I currently am helping my friends start a band. Well, they already created the band, but I've been dubbed as "Band Manager" which entails a lot of work and responsibility, but I have thoroughly been enjoying it. It's definitely a new kind of industry I am not used to, but I am ready to challenge myself. We are truly working hard to make this as successful as possible and I am in with all hands and feet. When we get more settled with recordings, our website and social media, don't worry, you'll get a blog post about it :) For now, just look out for us! We're coming and we're going to change the industry. I get to live my "dream" of being in a band, by just being their manager ;)

Ps. I am planning on updating the banner soon and add more aesthetically pleasing things to the blog soon.

If you all have some favorite quotes, let me know! I would gladly love to add them to my collection!