Music[video] Monday 004 + Grandfather Mountain!

I realize I haven't done Music[video] Monday in ....ok, I'll admit it, months.
But it is officially BACK - ON.

Today I share with you "Silver Lining" by Rilo Kiley.
The intro of the song is currently my text ringtone.

Rilo Kiley - 'Silver Lining' from the infantry on Vimeo.

My friends and I got rid of the Monday blues by being tourists and visiting Grandfather Mountain! Located in Linville, N.C., Grandfather Mountains sits, I believe, 5,946 feet above sea level. It was absolutely beautiful. It reinforced my love for the mountains and the area that I live in. You can actually do a lot in Grandfather Mountain aside from the beautiful views. They have an animal exhibit of bears, deers, cougars, eagles and otters, along with trails for easy walkers, or the intense hikers. You can also have picnics all around the area. They provide you with an audio cd when you first enter to help you make your way around (with blue grass music of course) but the views are enough to make the trip 20 minutes from Boone worth it.

During the month of APRIL, they have a great deal for those who live in the High Country. The entrance fee for Grandfather is only a dollar! My friends and I have already planned some picnic trips and hiking exursions!

In conclusion, today was a good day. I spent the rest of my short work day playing donkey kong (no wonder why I have a high heart rate) and watching The O.C.

Oh, and I just signed up for the GRE. doesn't stop for anyone.