A Monthly Decision

Is it in my blood?
Is it my astrological sign? (Ahem, Virgo)
Regardless, I love making lists and I love setting goals for myself.
Therefore, I have officially made a list of one goal for every month I set for myself.
Some are goals and some are ways to reward myself...regardless, it'll take discipline to complete each task (some more discipline than others...you'll see...)

Drum roll please...

Note the pretty cool stationary?
Definitely got it at Michael's for a dollar...each letter has a different photo, so go get yourself one ;)
It even has a calendar at the bottom to keep you even more organized!
And you all know how I feel about being organized.

So... starting next month, my first goal begins!
No new shoes...I made it a hard one on purpose. I'm completely taking this seriously.

Good night world

PS. I changed a few things around on the blog. Did a new, simple banner as well as added new links on the sidebar for the daily blogs I do :)