A Glimpse of Chicago

listening to "On the Wing" - Owl City
Ah, the memories of seeing him at Cat's Cradle with my best friends.

Anyway, last weekend (July 4th) I had the opportunity to visit Chicago with my family! It was much fun. You just can't possibly see Chicago in a weekend! It was about a 12 hour drive from Boone, but completely worth it (given, I didn't have to drive for the majority!) I was able to see a city that I've been thinking of living in one day? Maybe? It definitely didn't disappoint.

In a few words, my trip to Chicago was filled with amazing pizza, visiting the Willis tower, formerly known as Sears Tower, Navy Pier, jamba juice (at last!), miniature golf, family, endless laughter with my cousins, public transportation, the BEAN aka "cloud gate", comfy hotel beds, continental breakfast, fireworks, city lights, amazing views, possibilities and much much more. Chicago, we'll meet up again. I promise.

Here's a few photos from my trip.

Playing with my cousins at the Children's Museum (awesome museum!)


The streets of Chicago.

Deep dish pizza!

The BEAN! Or Cloud Gate, whichever you prefer.

Ah, the city

Navy Pier

Even though I thought I lightened my load when I quit my job at Primo's, life hasn't felt busier! I feel fortunate to have traveled this much this summer. I really wasn't expecting it. Illinois would be my fifth state this past month! Unbelievable! This past weekend I was super busy with MusicFest 'N Sugar Grove, the local nonprofit organization I was interning for. The 14th Annual MusicFest 'N Sugar Grove music festival is officially complete and was a successful event! All our hard work has definitely paid off. I will definitely post more details on the event next time. Other than that, I've been working hard with my other internship, currently working on about eight different stories! So lots of research, interviews, phone calls, emails, scheduling, revising but fun!

I hope everyone else's summer is going wonderfully.
I hope to see some of my favorite faces when I go home this weekend.