First attempt with a Holga

A few blog posts ago March, I mentioned in a blog post that I bought a Holga from UO.
Well, I finally had the chance to use it this week!
It had been years since I used any kind of film camera, yet along a Holga.
Definitely different from the DSLR I have become accustomed to and different from the Nikon '79
film camera I used for my Black and White Photography class.

With the Holga,
I took some photos of the band Elijah Leaves, which I am actually officially managing now!
Here's some shots from our photo shoot at Blue Ridge Parkway.
Other photos from the photo shoot can be found on their Facebook and website. Check it out!
PS. You all should like their page ;)


In other news, I have been enjoying some time at home this weekend.
I've spent some good quality family time filled with golf, good meals and even better company.
I also had the opportunity to catch up with my good friend Mike!
We filled our tummies with Mellow Mushroom and mint chocolate chip ice cream
and our time with good conversation. I hadn't seen him in years, but didn't feel like it.
What a great way to spend a Saturday :)

Back to Boone tomorrow.
Last week of my internship and I need to work hard to get these last projects done!
Hope everyone is having a fun-filled weekend.