Because my old habits of procrastinating have been revamped through this blog, I owe it to myself & to my ..."readers" (I say this, because really...who needs this blog?), or I should say, my imaginary audience, for an extreme update of my, trying-to-be-interesting-life.

Anyway -
Last Thursday I was reunited with my TRUE home - Raleigh! Boone is truly where my life is currently - my responsibilities, job, studies and my room, but Raleigh is always so refreshing when I visit. I was able to spend some quality time with my globe trotting best friends. My friend Renee, a fellow blogger, and I visited and spent a few hours (& I am not exaggerating) at one of our favorite restaurants in Raleigh - Lemongrass. Apparently, they have been there for eight years, but we've only discovered them a couple years ago thanks to a coupon. Who doesn't love a locally owned Asian cuisine restaurant? Great conversation. Great food. Great company.

I also treated my mom & younger sister out for a belated Mother's Day dinner at her favorite restaurant - PF Changs. Basically, I worked on Mother's Day in order to pay for our meal haha. If you haven't heard of PF Changs, it is a Chinese bistro chain restaurant that has one of the best lettuce wraps I have ever had, among other things. Here's some snapshots!

Other than that, I got to spend some quality best friend moments with everyone back home, which was very much needed. Many of the people that I love the most in my life I was finally reunited with & it felt great. I miss everyone already. Everything just makes senses when I'm home. But alas, Boone is another home away from Boone that I feel bittersweet to back reunited with.

Some Boone moments from last week include:

- Celebrating one my roommate's 21st birthday! This included dining at Cha Da Thai - local Boone Thai cuisine (Yes, a lot of Asian food last week...haha), a night full of laughter and my other roommate & I even made her breakfast in bed! Yummy blueberry pancakes with fresh strawberries + blueberries.

My beautiful roommates & I with our GREEN backyard!
Along with celebrating her birthday, we had to visit beansTalk because we found out they are closing down their Boone location and moving to Concord, NC. SAD, SAD DAY. BeansTalk to my friends and I is such a landmark for Boone, it's weird to think about Boone without it. It encompasses our past few years in college and it'll be hard to see it go :( It's rumored to having disputes with their landlord and unable to stay at their current location. So, here's a little tribute to beansTalk! Their officially closing day is this Saturday, May 21. So, if you're in Boone, support them and enjoy their last day here.


It's true! There are officially zombies in Boone. Keep your brains and organs safe!

Now that I'm back in Boone, I must prepare myself for all these summer plans! 

- My internship officially starts this upcoming Monday. Where did May go?
- I need to start more things for the MusicFest 'N Sugar Grove
- Start my account on MINT to organize my finances (Thanks Renee!)
- Find a hair piece for my Aunt's wedding in June! (Which I am also the asst. wedding coordinator for)
- Some minor grocery shopping
- FIND MY APRON, I work in .... 2 hours.
& continue cleaning out my room.

Oh, and write a lovely hand-written letter to my one of my good friends :)
We've kept up this tradition for a few years now! Yay!

Because I didn't do music video Monday, here's some links to FREE music that I've been enjoying the past week. Thank you Amazon!

1,000 Ships - Rachel Platten
Love You Strongly - Amy Stroup

Told you it was a super update.