Music[video] Monday 003

Technically it's Tuesday - also one of my roommate's birthday! Yay for 21st birthdays!
Nonetheless, I'm still doing "music video Monday"

Today - it's Coldplay's "Strawberry Swing"
It's a great song, creative and you know it took time & patience to make.
The imagination is wild,
and it brings me back to sidewalk chalk days :)

It seems like I'm only giving weekly updates :/
Work wise, these two past weeks have been dedicated to serving those hungry stomachs at Primo's. From April 26 to May 8,  I clocked in 64 hours. Remind you, this includes the week of FINALS. Ha. Ha. I might've been a little work heavy these past two weeks, however, I only work one shift this week and then it's Raleigh, (possibly Wilmington) for the next five days or so!

Other than that, I've just been wrapping up some internship things and treated myself out to a few items from J. Crew. Initially, the purpose was to find a birthday present, but I eventually did that too. Forty percent off already reduced prices? But of course, little horse!

Some other news include:
- Going to the Philippines in mid August! I do get an international trip this summer (yes!)
- I need to make a serious workout plan. I love my clothes too much to not fit in them.
- I am currently on the fifth Star Wars movie, but technically second movie...if that makes any sense.
& overall really enjoying the things happening in my life right now. Of course, there are some things that could potentially be "better". Sure, you can have everything, but no one said at once.

Good night!

Alas, great days in Boone = picnics! Here are some snapshots of a wonderfully spent day in Boone.

newly purchased picnic basket!

 my beautiful friends!

beautiful [alive] butterfly that posed long enough for us to take 2, 345, 643 pictures!