Music[video] Monday 001

I like lists, series and music videos.
So why not make create a series of music videos every Monday.
Just because it sounds cooler that way.
It seems as though music videos have lost their popularity. It may be generational or I just don't watch television as much or these "music" channels just don't play music. Do you remember the days of ...Pop-Up Video!? I, on the other hand, love music videos and therefore want to share them. Thanks YouTube!

Today will be a throwback. Please keep in mind this is not the greatest song on the planet nor is the greatest music video, but The All-American Rejects remind me of when I was ...let's say 12. I still have the burnt cd of their first album my friend gave to me. The same friend I used to watch Moolah Beach with :] Anyway, I like this music video because it references Post Secret and I do love Post Secret.

Enjoy the throwback!

Ps. Sorry for the lack of updates. I will be better at blogging and make you WISH I didn't blog as much.

Hasta la vista!
Good luck on finals and such you college kids. (deep breath)