Right at this second...

These were taken at the beginning of the month through the window toward my back porch.
They sum up the weather for the past couple days...
We even had some snow/ice mixture yesterday...I was not pleased.
I'm ready for sunshine in Boone!

- I need to get my head screwed back on correctly for school. Spring break was last week and teachers are not holding back for the next few weeks -___-
- I don't know if I'm lethargic because I'm getting sick, not getting enough sleep, or just because I was born with XX chromosomes...if you know what I mean.
- The juices have been flowing for some major blog ideas! [Be excited. I am]
- I spent some time on the Adobe programs on campus (milking that cow 'til it's dry!) doing some renovations on the blog. 
  •  new banner
  • new links on the sidebar
Hopefully I'll have Illustrator + Photoshop to myself one day!
- I've been functioning on NAPS, NAPS, NAPS.
- Chinese food saved me today.
- I voted... on American Idol.

can't you see the "lethargic-ism" in my eyes?

Oh! And how I musn't forget retail therapy.
Hello Urban Outfitters gift card.
Finally, a Holga 120!
& a skeleton key bottle opener. Cute, eclectic, & useful.

Always, #prayersforJapan.

- mv.