OBSESSED: Primo's Dinner Special

I've decided to start a series of blogs named "OBSESSED".
The name says it all.
The current things I've become liking....obsessively.

Today - Primo's Restaurant Dinner Special
MmMmMmMm right?

Chicken, Fresh Spinach, Roasted Red Peppers,
 Garlic, and Penne Pasta tossed in lemon and a
white wine cream sauce.
(served with a side salad or cup of soup with garlic knots)

Primo's is a local Italian Restaurant of Boone serving pasta, pizza, and subs that I happen to work at! So it may be a little biased that I'm obsessed with their food, but every night we have a dinner special and a soup of the day. I have waited WEEKS for this dinner special to come up again! (It's very random, but more exciting that way!) If you live in Boone, make it out to Primo's and even though it may not be the dinner special for that evening, the food is fantastic. Maybe I should send you a link of the menu. The mouth-drooling-watering-make-you-want-to-binge menu.

I have many other blogs in mind for my Obsession series.
Keep a look out :]