New Year, New To Do List

I've recently bought a Moleskine & I absolutely love it. I bought the tiny notebook version with plain paper and it's small enough to fit in my pocket, but large enough so I don't have to write like a mouse. I keep it with me as much as possible because last year I realized how many things inspired me or caught my attention and I wanted to write it down but I never had paper, or if I did, I would lose it. This is sort of an organized way of keeping things. I can doodle it in while waiting for my car to get its oil change, or write to do lists while I'm at work (Shh...). I may continue to share a few things that I've written/doodled/etc in my moleskine as time lets on.

Anyway, the first thing I did was make a "new years resolution" lists, or more so things to keep in mind for the new year. Not so much goals as things to be aware of this year. They are all pretty self explanatory. I should bring up this list in a few months time and see if I've accomplished any of these yet! Creating a bucket list is probably up there on the list. I really need to start that list. I have 234235346 things in mind, but I need to make a physical list so I can start crossing things off (my favorite thing to do). I've started working out - I do include playing Just Dance 2 as working out :p - but I've recently been going to the gym (gasp! I know right.)

School as just started for me and in Boone, school doesn't stop for snow! So as the other schools across NC are getting cancellations, us Boone folk are finding alternative ways to get to school. It's a bit stressful at times, but it's taught me to not take my car for granted, so I've started taking the bus! I'll do anything to save money as this point. A friend of mine and I have decided to save up for Thailand '12 with EF College Tours! We went to Costa Rica with them last summer and it was phenomenal. Maybe I should share some travel photos with you all.

Well, school means homework. At least I'm getting into my major classes and future is looking a little less blurry.

Best wishes and safe travels to you snow folks :]

PS. MAKE A WISH! 1/11/2011