December, Be Kind

taken 12.8.10 (c) m.vega
"be better than you were yesterday."
It's been a while since I've
taken photos,
or had any kind of artistic outlet.
Now that school is going to settle down [just for a few weeks], I've been trying to do some art projects that I've been thinking about for a while. I've started taking pictures again - that's a start. I can't say I'll have one for every blog post, but that's the goal. I've recently become attached and intrigued by bows. It started when I had to work at Ruby Tuesday and all I could wear was black, which for me is a little bleh, so I started wearing things for my hair, and boom - this fascination for bows, flowers, ruffles, & hair clips began. Luckily it hasn't done much damage to my wallet.
Quick recap of important events -
  • Decided on a major/minor! Public Relations Major, Sociology Minor
  • New job. Same responsibilities. [New restaurant, same positions]
  • I have kept my personal pact of growing my hair out
  • Boone never surprises me with its ridiculous weather
  • I've started playing Bookworm again (Click to play!) It's addictive but stimulating
  • I've (recently fallen) in love with: Netflix, my townhouse, my roommates, my loft of a room, the excitement of my future plans, Mumford & Sons, my boots, and the people/person in my life.
  • I'm excited for: the holiday season, my trip up North, my trip home next week, giving Christmas gifts, 2011, for my last final on Monday, my art projects, my new Toms/Typewriter/Snow shoes, and to wear my mustard yellow trench coat around.
best wishes,

Ps. Forgive me for the lack of development with this blog. I promise to update, make it more "cool" as soon I find the inspiration, motivation, and that so called "time".