When In Rome


The pasta! The gelato! The ancient ruins! Buildings that are over 2,000 years old! The VATICAN! The beautiful fountains in every plaza! The markets! The cafes! The Vespas! What's not to love?

My sister and I got to cross off another Mary-Kate and Ashley movie destination along with live out our own version of The Lizzie McGuire movie. Just minus Italian boys driving us around in Vespas and performing in the Coliseum pretending to be an Italian pop star... Rome is just one of those gotta-see-and-gotta-eat-in kind of cities. I couldn't decide what was prettier... Rome during the day or Rome at night. What I do know is it's ranked 14th-most-visited city for a reason. [ ✓ ]  Check off another item on the Bucket List!

The unfortunate side of Roma -- The Trevi Fountain has been under construction for almost a year now :( so no authentic "this is what dreams are made of" moment, however , they still made it so you could make a wish. Just wasn't the same T.T #touristproblems.

R O M A N   S C E N E S //