A Snowy Weekend in Segovia


A 30-minute train ride or scenic hour bus ride from Madrid will take you to Segovia, one of Spain's most charming and enchanting day trips. My first Segovian experience happened a few months ago in February, but since then, I have returned twice to this Spanish town! Segovia is most famous for its cochinillo (baby suckling pig -- YUM), historic Roman aqueduct, Alcázar of Segovia (beautiful castle) and cathedral. Spain was definitely showing off with this one!

Initially what inspired my weekend trip to Segovia was to visit my Camp Greenville friend, Taylor, who is studying abroad at IE University. The campus alone is its own national heritage site (originally The Convento de Santa Cruz La Real built in 1218). Walking around her campus felt like another world... J.K. Rowlings world that is. My words can't give this place any justice, so just imagine walking around a smaller version of Hogwarts with its stone walls, valiant ceilings and secret corriders. A mini fairytale indeed!

One of the bigger debates while traveling in Europe is... train or bus? With traveling to Segovia, it's a pretty easy decision -- take the bus! It'll add an hour more to your commute, but the bus wins in the scenic, convenience and price department. Fourteen euros roundtrip, scenic route and drops you within a five-minute walk to the aqueduct.

You simply cannot get sick and tired of walking through, pass, around, on top of or next to this aqueduct! It is, 100%, the most historic feature of Segovia. I would say, "highly recommended site so don't miss out!" except, you actually can't miss it. Fun facts: It has about 25,000 granite stones creating 170 arches and spanning 818 meters (2684 feet)!

Next historical site is Alcázar of Segovia, my first castle and a page from a storybook. It looks as if the castle grew out of the mountain, perched up just waiting to be admired. My knowledge of its history is a bit rusty, but I can tell you it was one of the inspirations for Walt Disney's Cinderella Castle! The interior is just as beautiful as the exterior so pay the 5 euro and walk around.

It isn't a Spanish town without the most beautiful of cathedrals. You would think after seeing a handful of cathedrals, you'd be over it, but there goes Spain surprising me again. I am definitely not an expert about the style of cathedrals, but I do know the Segovia Cathedral was the one of the last Gothic cathedrals built in Spain. 

A trip to visit camp friends isn't complete without trying to hammock! Luckily we found the perfect place with the view of the castle, right outside of the city walls. Let's ignore the fact we were freezing. Ab-so-lute-ly worth the cold hands and feet. Let's not forget to mention Eno Hammocks shared our [epic] photo!

What a weekend! I'm so thankful for friends around the world who open up their doors for me and show me around their cities.