Passport To Paris


[Insert another Mary-Kate and Ashley movie moment here]

To be completely honest, I never felt compelled to visit Paris like most people do. I know... what? It's the city of love for goodness sake! Hell-o, the macaroons! The architecture! The freakin' Eiffel Tower! I know, I know. I've just heard mixed views about this city of love... how touristy, snobby, overrated and expensive it is. But now actually visiting the city, only two of those things are true. Paris is definitely not overrated and I'm not afraid to admit that I freaking loved it.

My mom and sister have always been obsessed with Paris! I promised them I would wait for them to visit this monumental European city and so I kept my promise. It was the last city during our Vegas Travel Europe Summer '15 trip and the perfect backdrop to wrap up our two weeks of traveling. My sister even got to celebrate her 20th birthday right under those beautiful, twinkling Eiffel Tower lights, right at midnight! I was happy to be there for her special birthday moment, in a city she always dreamed of, entering her twenties.

What I loved about Paris was how livable it seemed and incredibly nice everyone was. Not what I was expecting. I will forever be drawn to the Spanish culture, but I could be down for that Parisian lifestyle! I only scratched the surface of Paris and I can't wait to return to this city. Paris, you sucked me in and brought out the romantic in me. 

P A R I S I A N • S C E N E S


– Brunch, only because your cafes are ridiculously perfect
– Picnics, only because you can have them with the Eiffel Tower
– Parks, only because yours come with cute couples, beautifully crafted chairs to sit and people watch, and have amazing gardens inside
– Photos, only because no matter where you go, it's the perfect backdrop
– Bridges, only because yours are love locked ;) (well, one of them still is)

Basically, everything.
Ps. I still love you, Spain!