Snapshots from Toledo, Spain

I am extremely lucky to live in Madrid, the center of Spain. This allows for weekend explorations all over this beautiful country. A popular day trip outside of Madrid is to Toledo, also known as “the city of the three cultures.” Christians, Arabs and Jews lived here side by side for centuries filling this city with the most beautiful cathedrals, synagogues, mosques, fortresses, palaces and created a “cultural legacy”. Spain is one of the leading countries to be home to UNESCO World Heritage Sites (along with China, India, Italy, France and Mexico) and the historic city of Toledo is one of them!

I adored Toledo’s narrow, cobblestone streets, local cookies and history-filled charm. Plus it’s only an inexpensive hour bus ride (or 30-minute train ride) from Madrid! It was wonderful to escape the cosmopolitan city of Madrid and get a glimpse of old, authentic Spain. Even though Toledo is known to be a bit touristy with streets lined up with souvenir vendors selling the same trinkets and tourists antsy to stock up, there's a reason it is a must see. It's too beautiful of a place to miss out on.

As the Spanish say, “Until you’ve seen Toledo, you have not seen Spain.” I couldn’t agree more. 

Here are photos from my January day trip:

For more information on traveling to Toledo, I recommend visiting these sites to help plan your trip and provide more history about this charming city. I am already lined up for a couple more trips to this city and can share more of my experiences! My first trip was more wandering around than anything else so there's still lots to discover and learn.

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