Hello & Welcome!

I am Melissa, the writer behind The 25th Hour Studio. I am a North Carolina native who packed my aspirations (& my unnecessary collection of boots) into multiple suitcases and headed to Madrid, Spain simply because I wanted a little more. More challenges, more adventure, more traveling, more laughs and more tapas! Photography is my expression and everywhere is my destination.

(and yes, I'm corny as hell)

This is my little space I created to focus on things that inspire and motivate me to grow constantly, personally and professionally. I find inspiration in many places and spaces through the every day, travel, relationships, taking risks and mostly by people.

In life, I strive to live consciously with intention and dwell in possibility. I'm learning to embrace the awkward, stop hitting the snooze button and channel my inner Beyoncé.

"She was free in her wildness.
She was a wanderess,
A drop of free water.
She belonged to no man
& to no city." - Roman Payne

A few of my favorite things //

mountains, the ocean, maps, flannel, laughing at myself, strangers that turn into friends, keeping promises, the 90's, playlists, road trips, wandering, coffee dates, keeping in touch, using my teacher voice, reunions, collecting moments, capturing moments, postcards, birthdays, sleeping in, Madewell, hand me downs, thrifting, vinyl, eucalyptus-scented candles, stories, train rides, supporting local, thinking global, camping, exploring and most importantly, Bhakti chai tea.



What started as a concept for a math project, turned into a concept for my little space on the Internet. The 25th Hour is a concept dedicated to finding that extra hour in the day to be inspired, seek adventure, reflect and capture those raw and organic moments in life. Ask anyone, there isn't enough time in the day to get things done, see people we love, rest or simply catch up. This is my version of a 25th hour and the little studio that is filled with things that inspire me. My 25th hour is dedicated to sharing those inspirations, one destination and photograph at a time.  

This blog was created in 2010 with a lot of breaks in between. Just like my early twenties, this blog suffered through identity crises, procrastination and utter chaos. With the new space and facelift, I am hoping to keep this blog up and running! This blog will grow and evolve just like I do so I hope you're along for the ride.

I urge you to find your 25th hour and come explore mine.
I hope you smile, laugh a little and stay awhile.